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Strategic Advice

Our team provide strategic advice to businesses, formulating winning strategies for whole of busines or divisions, assisting with enterprise growth and overcoming complex challenges including financial and organisation restructures; investing; financial turnarounds; debt and capital market raising; supply chain management; succession planning; assisting business owners to exit and/or raise capital including project finance; helping motivated investors and buyers to identify investment targets and preparation of due diligence and negotiations.


Supporting Government Reformers

Our team of consultants have built an excellent reputation through assisting with complex problems involved in large-scale institutional, social and economic reform. We work across the full spectrum of Government focused on manageable, fundable reforms to create citizen centric, scalable solutions that have real impact for federal, sub-national, government owned corporations and their technical and financial partners.


Development Design and Delivery

Our team design and implement programs for development partner and regional institutions operating in the Pacific and PNG. Ipsum Pacific provides global expertise delivered by locals who operate effectively at the nexus between policy and strategy makers; administrators; financiers and communities. The Ipsum team universally relish supporting reformers and change makers deliver high impact results efficiently and inclusively.


Increasing access to Infrastructure, Utilities and Clean Energy

Ipsum Paciifc has an unparalleled track record of connecting people with services and infrastructure. We do this by unlocking partnerships to finance and facilitate high quality infrastructure from international sub-marine cables; the US$1.2bn PNG Electrification Partnership to connect 70% of the country to power; project managing large scale developments; off-grid electricity solutions for homes, businesses and communities; banking the unbanked or creating remittance solutions for workers. Ipsum Pacific specializes in delivering infrastructure, utilities and clean energy by structuring partnerships to overcome financial and capacity constraints.


Stakeholder Engagement

Ipsum Pacific is highly experienced in solving complex problems, which arise within the delicate relationships between Government, businesses and communities. Our team advise the public and private sector how to engage stakeholders to reduce risks and improve the sustainability and stakeholder engagement; partnerships and strategic planning. Our approach is inclusive and equitable to provide platforms for systematic, large scale risk mitigation reducing the opportunity for conflict and confusion. We centre our work around values based, locally appropriate communications.

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